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Dimas Yudha Pratama

I am a curious people who like to learn something new and wants to be more digital marketing savvy, why does it have digital marketing? before the pandemic started, I have a shoe laundry and got impacted during the pandemic, so I have to shut down my business and I realize digital marketing is a new era. therefore I joined RevoU to learn digital marketing to start a new journey, after I got a lot of experience ill created my own business. having economics as my background has shaped my analytical skill, attention to detail, structure thinking, and communication skill. and those skills will give added value to my upcoming career as a digital marketer.

Keywords: Apa Itu Keywords & Apa Fungsinya Pada Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Dalam pay-per-click marketing, semuanya berawal dari keywords. Ketika sobat menggunakan Google atau search engine lainnya, pastilah sobat mengetikan sebuah keywords dalam search engine box untuk mencari apa yang sobat inginkan. Pada Search Engine Results Page akan muncul baik itu organic ataupun iklan berbayar, jika sobat… Read More »Keywords: Apa Itu Keywords & Apa Fungsinya Pada Pay-Per-Click Marketing